Support Services

A person diagnosed with cancer often goes through physical and mental distress that even becomes difficult to handle by the family members. In such conditions, there are a number of services that help a patient and their acolytes to cope up with the situation. There are service groups which include a team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, counsellors, and rehabilitation specialists. One such service group is guided by Dr. Shabnam Bashir that helps cancer patients to tackle the disease emotionally and physically. Dr. Shabnam Bashir is a well-experienced Surgical Oncologist who treats different cancers with intense care and efficacy.

Nutrition Clinic

Nutrition is a crucial part of cancer treatment and recovery. Diet is one of the most important aspects that need to be measured and controlled during the treatment. Nutritionists help cancer patient in understanding the necessity of following a proper meal plan. A proper nutrition plan during cancer treatment helps a patient to:

  • Fight cancer in a better way
  • Enhance the quality of life
  • Minimize the side-effects of the treatment
  • Maintain an optimal body weight

Psychology Support

A cancer diagnosis can have a huge impact on a person. The patients and their caregivers may go through fear, depression, and anxiety during this stage. Emotional and social support is necessary for such situations. Sharing the fear and concerns with the cancer care team can make patients and their caregivers more comfortable.

Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation Center

Oncology rehabilitation team helps a patient to build strength, positivity and endurance by reducing the stress level. As a part of the treatment, physiotherapists design therapeutic exercises for each patient and they also manage the side-effects caused by the treatment such as anxiety, digestive issues, pain, etc.

Yoga Clinic

Yoga programs can help cancer patients to manage psychological trauma. The mind-body exercises help them to relax, concentrate, and to regain energy and stamina in their lives.

Stoma Clinic

A stoma is an artificial opening in the body to get rid of faeces. If digestive tract or bowel system is injured or a section of it is removed as a part of cancer surgery(colorectal or ovarian), there might be a requirement of the temporary or permanent colostomy to get faeces (stool) out of the body. The surgeon makes an opening (stoma) through the abdominal wall and a stoma bag is attached in the abdomen to collect faeces. A patient might need the assistance of a stoma care nurse in the beginning. Stoma care nurse helps the patient to clean and manage stoma bag.

Treatment Services Offered

Chemotherapy Day Care

Chemotherapy daycare provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for patients to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure chemotherapy procedure includes administration chemotherapy, dressing of central venous access, insertion, and removal of venous access and bone marrow aspiration. Chemotherapy daycare facilities help a patient in fast recovery.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is the safest and effective method that obstructs cancer cells from multiplying. Radiation therapy uses ionizing radiation beams, such as protons, X-rays and other energies to kill cancer cells. The advancement in technology has enabled to deliver the radiation precisely to cancer-affected parts and this minimizes the side-effects.

Authored by Dr. Shabnam Bashir

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