Robotic Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Date :07-Sep-2019

Cancer that starts in the colon or rectum is known as colorectal cancer and when it continues to grow it can that hinder the proper functioning of the organs . These cancers are also known as bowel cancer, colon cancer, or rectal cancer, depending on the place where they occur. It is the 4th most common cancer in men and the 3rd most common in women, next to oral cavity, lung, prostate in men and breast & cervical cancers in women. Majority of the times Colorectal cancer grows in the innermost lining of colon or rectum as polyps, which can either be malignant or benign(non-cancerous) and o

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About Dr. Shabnam Bashir


Dr. Shabnam Bashir has time and again proved her extensive and versatile expertise as a Colorectal Cancer Surgeon. This is validated by the successful cases of patients that she has dealt with.

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